National Champion Tree Program

To protect, preserve, and keep record of the largest trees in the United States of America

The Champion Tree Registry has been keeping the record of the largest trees in the United States of America since 1940. These trees form a bridge between the past and the future – through documenting and promoting the conservation of these gentle giants, we are connecting ourselves with our ancestors and our descendants. We are grateful to those who chose to protect these trees in the decades and centuries prior, and we are committed to protecting these trees for decades and centuries to come.

Champion Trees are the largest trees of their species, and they serve as a testament to the rich history and diversity of the American landscape. These trees can be found in every state, from towering redwoods in California to massive oaks on the East Coast. They are a vital part of our ecosystem: filtering stormwater, removing air pollution, and providing shelter and food for countless species of birds, insects, mammals, and microorganisms.

Long Live America's Champion Trees

The Champion Tree Program works with local communities, government agencies, universities, and conservation groups to identify, measure, and protect these trees. We use a standardized system to assess the size and health of each Champion Tree, and we update our records regularly to ensure accuracy. Through our efforts, we seek to encourage a greater appreciation for the natural world and inspire others to take action to protect our gentle giants.